MIC Insurance Company

MIC Insurance Company specializes mainly in construction and surety insurance.

Aimed at companies that conduct business activity under construction.

The surety easier and faster recruitment and commercial activities.

Insurance is designed for the protection of the private sphere of the family unit.

Number 1 in Surety Insurance in Spain

Since its creation in 2001, MIC Insurance, which started its activity in Spain through Underwriting Agencies, has been expanding in different European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark.

MIC Insurance operates in the free provision of services within the framework of the European Economic Area and does so through mainly brokers and management or underwriting agencies. With the former, our aim is that they can increase and optimize their client portfolio. We advise the brokers in the commercialization of a varied portfolio of products, among which we can highlight surety, credit, Civil Liability and construction insurance.

MIC Insurance has issued surety insurance premiums in 2017 for a total of EUR 13.254.167,10, with a market share of 21.87%. With these figures, the Company reaffirmed for the fifth consecutive year as the leading Surety Company in Spain.

seguros de caución

With regard to underwriting agencies, the goal of MIC Insurance is to establish with them a relationship based on the strength, stability and constant effort.

MIC Insurance is ultimately an insurance company for companies and individuals that offers you a solution adapted to your particular circumstances and your project. Trust a leader in Europe with international experience, trust MIC Insurance Company.

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