“Our capacity for inspiration helps us overcome all uncertainties”

MIC Insurance – Millennium

mic insurance

MIC Insurance – Millennium Insurance Company ltd, is a British insurance company specialized in developing insurance products within the framework of freedom of provision of services in EEA.

MIC is a young and dynamic company with ample experience in underwriting. The Company was set up in 2001 by obtaining licenses (known as “passporting”) in order to operate within the European Economic Area. We started our business in Spain where the Company operates through an Underwriting Agency, we continue our activity in the United Kingdom and France.

Our international process has continued in Italy and Portugal, where we operate with different types of mediation and distribution channels. Today we continue to work on our international expansion plan with a global and strategic business vision.

MIC carries out product diversification and executes its activities by implementing a continuous process of internationalization. Flexibility and being operational in the international context are the main tools we use to achieve our goals.We are experts in designing any customized product.

Strengths of MIC Insurance

The main strengths of MIC are:

  • Sturdiness and trustworthiness.
  • Loyalty and commitment.
  • Flexibility and Dynamism.
  • Financial Guarantee.
  • Optimized management.
  • International Experience.

MIC provides customized solutions for each project. Anticipation and creativity are the qualities that drive our progress.