Although the definitive date for implementing the BREXIT between the United Kingdom and the European Union marked (March 29) is approaching, the political circumstances of the last weeks allow us to anticipate almost certainly that there will be an extension of the fixed term and, therefore, of the transition period that allows to reach an agreement.

Accordingly, and taking into account the uncertainty surrounding this whole process, in a very simple way we want to explain the options and to what extent they can affect the management of the MIC INSURANCE Company and its connection with it.

At this time, our clients maintain all rights with respect to the contract that they have with MIC INSURANCE, in all directions: coverage, claims, etc.

  • In the case of a soft Brexit, MIC INSURANCE will adapt everything necessary to renew the policies in accordance with the agreements that the European Union closes with the United Kingdom, in any case, maintaining all the rights and conditions of the current policies, without being necessary to change or notify anything. Our insurance solutions, our quality standards, our solvency and our service will remain the same.

  • In the case of a hard Brexit, MIC INSURANCE will communicate in a sufficient margin of time the most suitable solution to ensure the service, with the same level of quality and security that is currently provided, both to customers and brokers who currently work with the Company. In this case, likewise our insurance solutions, our quality standards, our solvency and our service will remain the same.

For the time being until upcoming news, the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union, therefore MIC INSURANCE continues to provide its normal service. This guarantees that, for now, the insured insurance policies are not affected in any way, and the related claims continue to be processed as they have been up to now.

If you need any clarification do not hesitate to contact MIC INSURANCE, we are at your disposal.