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  1. The submission of complaints may be made by the client, personally or through representation, on paper or electronic form, or telematics resources, provided that they allow the reading, printing and preservation of the documents.It will be considered as Complaints, those submitted by the clients due to delays, inattention or any other type of deficient performance detected in the operation of the Company.Complaints information, including personal information will be stored by MIC.  Under GDPR regulations the complainant may ask MIC to remove the information, and MIC must comply with such a request, after the required legal timeframe has passed.
  2. In the event that any complaint has not been resolved by the corresponding intermediary (MGA or Broker), the Company establishes the following means:
  • Through an assistance telephone line: +44 20 3769 9863;
  • Through email:;
  • By ordinary mail directly to the tax office of the central offices in Gibraltar:

PO BOX 371


  1. The procedure shall be initiated by the client submission of a document in which shall be recorded:
  • Identification of the claimant: name, surname and address of the stakeholders and, where appropriate, of the person who are representation, duly certified; national identity document number for natural persons and details of company registration for legal persons;
  • Causes that motivate the complaint, with clear specification of the issues on which a statement is requested and can provide, where appropriate, a copy of all documents that support its position;
  • Office, department, agency or service where the facts that are the subject of the complaint have occurred;
  • That to the claimant’s knowledge, the matter which is the subject of the complaint or objection is not subject to administrative or legal proceedings or arbitration;
  • Place, date and signature.


Once the complaint has been received by the Company, in the event that it is not resolved in favour of the customer by the Company subject of the complaint, it will be submitted to the Customer Service Department.

As soon as the Customer Service Department has knowledge of the complaint it will acknowledge receipt in writing and record the date of submission. Likewise, it will proceed to open a case file.

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Form for complaints Procedure

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