Mailing Address: PO Box 1314, Unit 13 Queensway Quay Ragged Staff Wharf (Gibraltar)

Email address: micinsurance@micinsurance.net

Data protection officer: dpd@micinsurance.net


ORIGIN: How did we obtain your data? The Personal data we process at MIC has been collected by express authorization, provided by the stakeholder, or provided by insurance producers under the service agreement.

The categories of personal data are associated with:

  1. Customers
  2. Potential customers
  3. Stakeholders


The categories of data that are processed are:

  1. Identification details
  2. Codes and identification keys for classification by type: customers, stakeholders, potential customers
  3. Postal and/or electronic address
  4. Phones or mobiles
  5. Commercial information
  6. Economic data
  7. Sensitive data are NOT processed


PURPOSE: With that purpose do we process your personal data? In MIC we process your personal data that you provide us with the purpose of providing the service requested, offered, or contracted us. A user profile will be developed based on the information provided, and subsequently incorporated during the relationship. No automated decisions will be made based on that profile.

How long will we keep the data? Data will be retained while the relationship remains active, at least for a minimum of 5 years since the last interaction, and during limits established by the applicable regulation to the processing carried.

PROCESSING LEGITIMATE: The processing of data is carried out under the service agreement.  The processing of data is carried out under legitimate interest, according to current legislation and the laws that develop as a free market economy. We recognize your right to privacy and protection of personal data, so you may oppose this processing as stated in “Rights of the interested party”.



CONSENT (Paragraph to be included in documents to request acceptance expressly – on the website it has only informative nature)

By signing this document, you expressly consent to the processing of data for the main purposes exposed in this privacy policy. Nevertheless, we recognize your rights as holder of personal data, so please indicate additional consent for the purposes that we present below, by marking an X in the box:

[  ] To receive our newsletter by email

[  ] To invite you to events, promotions, and events of our organization by postal and/or electronic means.

[  ] To send through the middle (postal, mail or courier) useful information related to their interests and the relationship is maintained.



The data will be communicated to producers and external companies for the purpose of providing the insurance service under the service agreement with Annex of Data processing for third parties. They could also be reported to: external service providers (advertising, marketing, banking and financial institutions, translators, consultants, judicial experts, loss adjusters, administrators, medical professionals, accountants, actuaries, auditors, lawyers), public authorities and government, beneficiaries, partners, providers of emergency services (medical, police and fire) and / or anyone who has a partnership agreement with the Agency, and data communication is necessary for the proper provision of service agreement.

MIC has an INSURANCE DATA PROTECTION OFFICER (DPO) to ensure the privacy and protection of personal data, which can be contacted by this email dpd@micinsurance.net. Where you can submit any question regarding to privacy and protection of personal data.



What are your rights regarding the personal data we process? Interested parties have the right to know that MIC processes your data according to the purposes and specified in the Privacy and Data Protection section of this part.

You have the right to access to your personal data and rectify if they were incorrect.

You have the right to request removal of the same when, among other reasons, the data is no longer needed for the purpose for which they were collected.

Under certain circumstances, interested parties may request the limitation of processing data, which will be retained only for the exercise of the right of defense in relation to claims and / or litigation, and during the legal terms required for its conservation.

Under certain circumstances, interested parties may oppose the processing of their data. In that case, MIC will no longer process their data, with the only exceptions of legitimate reasons, for historical, artistic, or research for defense against claims, or as provided in the regulations.

You have the right to contact with the DPO-Data Protection Officer at the above email to ask for clarifications, questions, suggestions, complaints, or to exercise the rights that have been exposed in this Extended Information Data Protection.