Innovation Gema award for MIC Insurance – Millennium

MIC Insurance’s medical complication insurance product has been the winner in the Innovation category of the GEMA Awards organized by INESE. It was submitted in a detailed article by Eurolloyd’s brokerage, Savings and Protection. This award recognizes the potential of this insurance that covers the hospital and medical expenses incurred by the clinic at a very low cost. It covers expenses as a result of medical complication resulting from the patient’s treatment and/or surgical procedures described in the policy as well as the costs of a possible second intervention if it is the best option to solve these complications.

It is the perfect complement for professional liability insurance, and is part of the range of MIC Insurance – Millennium products, designed for distribution from OM Suscripción de Riesgos. OM Risk Subscription Suscripción de Riesgos is an underwriting agency that sells MIC Insurance – Millennium products in Spain. The great capacity designing new and innovative insurance guarantees and business plans is one of the advantages that helps this company to advance strategically, generating more confidence and business on the part of its collaborators in Spain and throughout Europe.

INESE’s GEMA AWARD supports the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT OF INSURANCE MEDIATION, distinguishing the innovative projects developed by the different professionals. They were established within the framework of the Insurance Week in 2000. Its objective is to reward innovative projects developed by brokers and insurance agents. They are, in short, an example of business excellence in insurance mediation. These awards are rated by qualified representatives of the insurance sector, such as UNESPA.

The award was collected by Eurolloyd’s manager, Angel de Areba, in a ceremony held during the Insurance Week organized by INESE.