“Only if we demand the best from our team and our collaborators can we offer the best to our customers”

Underwriting Agencies

Having a presence in the international market is the reason for MIC. We see the world market as the target market and hence rapidly expanding.

The figures reflect the diversity and presence in the European market and marked growth target to work in the European Economic Area and in Latin America.

By their nature, history and common language, Latin America is a niche market that MIC has as a major target for the near future. To do this, we are developing market studies, business, to go developed and planned future landing in these countries. We are in a process of adaptation to the needs of access to enter. In this sense, strategic alliances become a mainstay since, the know-how of the local companies themselves and advance sustainability benefits in the market..

Diversification and flexibility are two values that prints both territorial MIC (new countries) and creating products tailored to each national market.