This ensures the continuity of their business, before the imminent Brexit.

The company MIC Insurance (Millennium) establishes its headquarters in Paris (France), this way guarantees the continuity of its business, offering the same service and coverage to its clients. Its Chairman Antonio Morera Vallejo, explains that «MIC Insurance, which has obtained the license granted by ACPR (L’Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution) to work in France as an insurance company, operates in Spain through the freedom to provide services (FPS) with OM Suscripción de Riesgos as the main underwriting agency for the distribution of insurance products which continues to support brokers and partners». And he affirms that “the team maintains and increases the expertise, personalization and excellence that made the Company be the leader of Surety in the Spanish market for six years in a row”.

MIC Insurance achieved a business volume of 100M Euros last year, which represented a 40% growth in turnover. According to Antonio Morera, “the path of the company has been growing year after year, even in 2020, despite the difficult economic situation posed by the pandemic; we are satisfied after growing 14% compared to the previous year”.  MIC Insurance stands out as a specialized company in Surety business, where it has been leading the surety ranking of ICEA (Statistics Service and the Insurance Sector in Spain) for six years in a row. “We are a company that has known how to value all the advantages of the freedom to provide services, offering our best service, highest reliability and the comfort to the final customer insuring their risks, “says Antonio Morera.