MIC Insurance – Millennium is the company that has grown more in suretyship business during 2012

MIC Insurance – Millennium is the fastest growing company that has had over 2012, as ranked by ICEA (Cooperative Research between Underwriters and Pension Funds), updated to February 2013, corresponding to the figures of the same year. The international company has obtained a written premiums amounting to 6,043,845 €, improving its position with respect to the results of the previous year, ranking sixth in companies operating in Spain.

Positive growth shows that MIC Insurance – Millennium continues to consolidate in the market with a market share of 10%, as reflected in the data provided in their statistics. The company has years of marketing products specially designed for small and large businesses, and providing first class insurance solutions. This ranking illustrates the firm commitment of MIC Insurance – Millennium for those products indispensable for promotion and business development, essential in the current economic climate.