An Important growth in gross premiums, reaching € 71,715,374.00.

MIC Insurance – Millennium, the insurance Company specialized in surety and construction business, has had an increase in the number of its business of 20%, with a total of 71,715,374.00 M of gross premiums as at December 31, 2018 compared to 59,864,031.00 M a year ago.

In addition, the Company is a leader in Surety in the Spanish market where it is number 1 in the ranking of this business for five consecutive years. Millennium stands out for its growth, also, in Own Funds, the evolution of MIC has been very prominent, going from 32,723,833 € to 38,029,736 €, a growth of 16.21%.

It should also be noted the evolution in Assets, a figure that has gone from 164,923,509.00 € to 176,758,282.00 €, representing an increase of 7%.

The leadership of the MIC Insurance Company in Surety business dates back to the beginning of its activity, when it became a specialist in this type of guarantee and achieves the first position in the market since 2013. It is worth highlighting the agility of the service, the experience, and the knowledge of the product that this Company has been demonstrating for years. In addition, MIC Insurance, develops its insurance business throughout Europe, highlighting its significant volume in France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark … among others, It also stands out for its insurance programs of the Ten-Year Guarantee and Professional Civil Liability, especially in everything related to risks for the construction sector.

In this context, the business plan of the company for this 2019 bets for a significant growth in all business of construction, taking into account the specialization in the business of this Company which certifies an experience of 25 years in this sector.

The work carried out by MIC has, once again, been accredited this year by the large reinsurance companies that support its management, since they have renewed and increased the capacities in some lines of business in each annuity. In addition, it should be noted that the company closes again its exercise without registering any complaints by its insured.