Six consecutive years as a leader in this business

MIC Insurance – Millennium Company, once again, leads the premium volume ranking corresponding to surety business from the statistics and studies service of the insurance sector in Spain for 2018 annuity. This ranking is annually published by ICEA, this entity publishes on its website the classifications by companies, business and groups at the end of last year.

MIC Insurance – Millennium has issued surety insurance premiums in 2018 for a total of EUR 14,029,381.39, with a market share of 17.78%. With these figures, the Company reaffirms itself for the sixth consecutive year as a leading Company in the Surety business in Spain and, once again, has experienced a growth with respect to 2017 values.

MIC Insurance – Millennium, the insurance Company specialized in surety and construction sector, has had an overall increase of its turnover of 20.2%, with a total of 71,958,206.00 M gross premiums as at December 31, 2018 compared to 59,864,031.00 M a year ago.

In addition, the Company stands out for its growth also in Own Funds, where the evolution of MIC has been very prominent, going from € 32,723,833.00 to € 41,384,958.00, which represents a growth of 26.47%.

It should also be noted the evolution in Assets, a figure that has gone from 164,923,509.00 € to 180,100,450.00 €, representing an increase of 9.2%.

As a result of the excellent performance of the Company in 2018, there has been an increase in its solvency values, which, as of December 31, stands at 438%% of MCR (Minimum Capital Required) and 131% of SCR (Solvency Capital Requirement), this last figure with an increase of 12% with respect to the previous year.