MIC Insurance – Millennium leads again the Spanish surety market

MIC Insurance – Millennium leads the ranking of annual premiums in 2014 in the branch of surety insurance, which is annually issued by ICEA, in charge of the statistics and studies service of the insurance sector in Spain. It, has published on its website classifications by entities and groups at the end of last year.

MIC Insurance – Millennium has issued surety insurance premiums in 2014 for a total of EUR 12,710,646.45, with a market share of 20.87%. With these figures, the Company reaffirmed for the second consecutive year as the leading Surety company in Spain, beating organizations such as MAPFRE, HCC, Asefa, Crédito y Caución, Axa, Generali or CESCE, according to the figures published by ICEA in 2014 for this type of insurance.

The figures for 2014 consolidate MIC Insurance – Millennium in the Spanish local market by volume of premium, solvency and profits, as reflected in the data collected by ICEA.

Our overall premiums, both in national and international markets, show a significant increase in gross premiums written in 2014, which reached a volume of EUR 60,155,321 compared to figures of 2013, of EUR 35,252,410. This growth of over 70%, is also accompanied by a profit of EUR 6,571,047, representing a growth of 23% compared to 2013.