MIC Insurance – Millennium, Spain’s leader company in surety bonds

MIC Insurance – Millennium leads Spain’s surety bonds ranking of annual premiums in 2013, which annually draws ICEA, statistical and research organism of the insurance sector in Spain. They have published on their website the rankings by organizations and groups at the end of last year.

MIC has issued a total gross premium of 12,024,702 17 €, which implies a growth in the bond and surety sector of 106.65%, and a market share of 19.20%. With these figures, the company becomes the leader brand in the mentioned sector in Spain, beating insurers like Asefa, Crédito y Caución, Mapfre, HCC, CESCE or Generali, according to the values published by ICEA’s 2012 ranking of the same insurance branch.

In Spain’s overall non-life, MIC appears as the company with more growth in 2013, with a growth rate of 82% compared to the previous year. With a volume of direct insurance premiums of €17.397.648,00 in 2013, MIC’s aim is to be in the top 40 insurance companies within the next three years.

The figures of 2013 highlight that MIC Insurance – Millennium continues consolidating in the market by volume of premiums, solvency, and profits, as reflected in the data collected by ICEA. MIC Insurance – Millennium, which boasts major reinsurers worldwide, also announced that in 2014 they will grow in insurance capacity, increasing their value by more than 50%, thanks to these leading reinsurers.