“Our capacity for inspiration helps us overcome all uncertainties”


The company values MIC Insurance are embodied in a project that achieves excellence in the services we offer.


We are confident we can fulfill our obligations and maintain lasting unions. We comply out of respective for ourselves and for others.


Our relationships with our partners are built on a sustainable and strong base. Providing effective mediation services is a priority. Maintaining long-term collaboration is our aim. The loyalty of our clients and providers are reliant on our integrity and honesty in conducting our business.


Special products, a diversified market and productivity in our resources, is a combination that makes us competitive. Our technological innovation is developed in such a way that it allows us to develop our business plans in record time.


Our management team has many years of experience in the sector, and therefore an extensive knowledge of the specific market. We are experts in every product we market, and this is a value that sets us apart.